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Death is the awakening from the dream of life, but it is also possible to "die before you die" and awaken in the dream of life. Not only is it possible, it is the very purpose of life. It is achieved when one becomes conscious of the soul, and understands with the clear light of pure awareness that one is now as one ever was and always will be. When one is aware that life is a dream, life does not therefore become less interesting.


On the contrary, true creativity arises as one learns to act rather than merely react. Nor are one's feelings for one's fellow beings blunted.

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On the contrary, one sees oneself in every self, and behaves accordingly. As soul after soul awakens in this dream of life, the dream is transforming. The time will come when no one will remain asleep. The collective dream will then become reality.

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They were awake within the dream. Drop the idea of spiritual awakening or spiritual enlightenment being a goal to be obtained. This implies future, as well as looking to the future for fulfilment - this is just a "spiritual version" of ego.

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Do not think your fulfilment depends on spiritual awakening, or think that you may or may not attain it. Just bring conscious presence into this moment, now. This is spiritual awakening. Everything else happens by itself.

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This is waking up from the dream. Sunday Wisdom. August 25, Finding Inner Peace. Adam Oakley. The Dream Of Form Also known as spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awakening is essentially waking from your dream state of consciousness - lost in thought, time and concepts - to what you actually are: intense conscious awareness. How Do You Wake Up?